Changing Eating Habits For a Long Healthy Life

With only 10 percent of Americans abiding by the federal nutrition and dietary guidelines, it’s no surprise that more than 1 in 3 adults are clinically obese. A typical American diet is filled with trans fat, saturated fat, sugars, and are artificial and processed ingredient laden. The American culture facilitates that, boasting fast food restaurants on every block, providing us with endlessly easy access to some of the most damaging, chemically corrupted cuisines. Generating almost 200 billion US dollars in 2014, the fast food industry is forecasted to exceed 223 billion by 2020.

With conditions such as high cholesterol, high triglycerides, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, cancer, depression, and skin problems all correlated with obesity, it’s critical to develop good eating habits and steer clear of compromising your body’s health for the sake of convenience.

The question is, in a world so saturated with poor options, how can you steer clear and maintain a positive, nutritious lifestyle? The key is learning continual, sustainable methods for achieving ongoing optimal weight. Once you’ve set enduring rules and regulations developed a routine you can stick to, you can commit to better health for life! Here are some tips for changing your eating habits for a long and healthy life:

Eat Breakfast: Nearly every reported weight loss and weight maintenance story attributes part of their success to including breakfast in their daily food plan. Research supports their claims, suggesting people who eat breakfast regularly have better vitamin and mineral profiles and eat fewer calories from fat. So wake up and eat! It would seem it might truly be the most important meal of the day!

No Late Night Eats: It’s a notoriously American habit, eating late into the night and lavishing in a 10:00pm sweet or salty snack. Going to sleep after eating inhabits your ability to metabolize and burn fat. It’s also critical that you body can focus on repairing cells instead of aiding in your digestion during the night. You’ll wake up feeling better rested, more energetic, and ready to have that hearty breakfast!

Be Smart When Eating Out: So many restaurants value instant satisfaction over quality. They load your foods with added fats and sugars, and diminish the nutritional quality of your foods with overcomplicated recipes. Politely speak with your server to communicate any dietary restrictions, choose options with more fresh ingredients. And, of course, if you’re in Boca Raton, the staff at Fresh Kitchen will be sure to provide you with dozens of the most nutritious, balanced, healthy meals to fuel your day and feed your body what it truly needs.

Drink Water: Water flushes out the toxins and waste, aids in digestion, and prevents sluggishness born from dehydration. Often we mistake feelings of thirst for feelings of hunger, and eat when it is unnecessary and our bodies are not craving food. If you feel hungry, try drinking a full glass of water and notice if those supposed hunger pains subside.

Moderation is Pinnacle: Eating too many fruits, too many carbohydrates, too many proteins, sweets, fats, etc., anything in excess is detrimental to creating a food portfolio that satiates all your health requirements. Moderation doesn’t mean cutting out some of your guilty pleasures entirely, it means balancing your meals for the day and making better decisions, choosing more healthy meals for lunch and dinner if you had a plate of bacon for breakfast. You don’t need to restrict, just be clever about maintaining that balance and noticing which food group requirements you are or are not satiating.

Eat Plenty of Colorful Fruits and Vegetables: Low in calories and chock full of precious nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, fruit and vegetable consumption are essential to ensure your body is receiving the nourishment it requires to function properly. If you are unable to eat enough fruits and vegetables to achieve your daily-recommended value, fresh juices can provide more convenience and faster absorption. Come on by the Fresh Kitchen or Juice and Java Boca Raton for the freshest array of essential juices to feed your body the right foods!


Colin Kaepernick Protest


The Colin Kaepernick Protests have become a national sensation. Colin Kaepernick was once one of the San Francisco 49ers’ most promising quarterback. However, it wasn’t until his future as a football star began to wane that he found true fame.

The quarterback became immersed in controversy when he refused to stand for the playing of the National Anthem during an NFL game. Colin did this as a means of protesting the injustices he believed black people and other minorities in America were suffering.

Colin probably wouldn’t have become a sensation if one journalist hadn’t noticed his actions during the playing of the National Anthem and questioned him on the issue.Colin wasn’t shy about explaining his stance.

According to the Quarterback, he couldn’t show pride in a flag belonging to a country that oppressed black people. He added that the issue in question was far bigger than football and it would be selfish of him to not use his position to bring the plight of black people to light.

The 49ers made a statement about Colin soon after; while they emphasized the importance of the National Anthem and the place for American Pride in American football, they also added that they respected Colin’s decision to express himself as he wished.

And the 49ers were not the only ones to follow this line. As the hullaballoo surrounding the Colin Kaepernick protests grew, coaches from across the sports arena came out and threw their support behind Colin.

Not that they supported his particular stance or the reasons driving his protest, but rather they respected his right to express his opinions on the field in any manner that suited him.

Of course, not everyone was as understanding as the NFL and its coaches. In fact, some sports pundits believe that the NFL’s falling TV ratings can be directly imputed to the Colin Kaepernick protests.

In the wake of his decision to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem, many voices rose to condemn Colin. For many such fans, Colin wasn’t merely expressing his opinions on social matters. He was disrespecting the flag and the men and women who fought every day to protect its values.

The ire of certain American Adults was such that they came out in force and burned numerous Colin Kaepernick jerseys. And while it would be easy to brush such individuals off for their extreme actions, especially those that saw fit to
hurl insults at Colin, it is worth noting that most Americans do not appreciate the idea of bringing politics into Football.


The NFL is supposed to be a safe space that allows sports fans to escape the chaos of their lives. Colin’s actions, as far as many football fans are concerned, crossed a line when they injected politics into a game that has little to do with social issues.

Since that first game, when he refused to stand for the national anthem, Colin has become a hot topic. NFL officials who hoped that the hullaballoo surrounding the protest would die out have been solely disappointed as many football players have begun mimicking Colin’s actions and refusing to stand for the National Anthem.

Most analysts believe that the NFL is not doing itself any favors by choosing to treat this issue like it doesn’t exist. As TV ratings continue to plummet, the league will soon be forced into a position where they must take action, either in favor of or against Colin Kaepernick.

The Benefits Of A Car Loan

Are you planning on purchasing a new car? If so, you may not want to pay for the car in full up front. Taking out a car loan could be a much better idea. 

A lot of people are reluctant to take out any kind of loan. Many people are concerned that they will wind up paying more than they can afford to. In addition, a lot of people are worried about taking on any unneeded debt.

However, a car loan can actually be a very smart financial decision. Here are a few of the benefits the right loan can offer:

It Will Allow You To Get A Better Car 

When you get a loan, you won’t have to limit yourself to cheap or run-down cars. You will be able to get a high-quality car. You can even invest in a car that is brand new. 

If you’ve been frustrated by the quality of your vehicle in the past, you will definitely want to look into getting something better. A car loan will allow you to do just that. 

It Can Help You Save 

While you will have to make monthly car payments, getting a loan could actually save you quite a bit of money. If your car is in poor condition, you will probably have to spend a lot of money keeping it in great shape. Cars need more repairs as they grow older, and those repairs can be very expensive. 

You can save a great deal of money with a car loan. If your new car is in good condition, it is possible that you won’t need to make any repairs for years. The only thing you will have to do is cover the cost of basic maintenance. That shouldn’t be very expensive at all. 

It Can Improve Your Credit Score 

There are a number of things that can impact your credit score. One of the things that can have an impact are the types of credit that you have. If you have an installment loan, like a car loan, on your record, you will see your credit rise. 

Having a high credit score can benefit you a number of ways. Many people work very hard to bring up their credit score. If you want better credit, applying for a car loan is definitely something that you will want to do. 

Car Loans Are Easy To Obtain 

A lot of people assume that getting a car loan will take a lot of time and effort However, auto loans are actually fairly easy to obtain, especially if you are purchasing a car through a dealership. 

The dealership will work with you to get you the kind of car loan you need. They’ll have you fill out some paperwork, and they will take care of everything else. They’ll work with several different lenders and work to get you the best rates possible. 

You Can Get The Car You Want 

When everything is said and done, you deserve to be happy with the car that you drive. If you get an Alpha390 car loan, you will be able to get a car that offers all of the things that you want. 

If you’ve always wanted a sports car or a car in a certain color, that will be an option for you. You won’t have to settle; you’ll be able to get a car you’re thrilled with. Find out more information on the Alpha 390 finance tumblr.

It’s clear that there are many different benefits to a car loan. If you are thinking about buying a car in the future, you should definitely look into getting a loan.

Make Your App Rank Higher In The Google Play Store



The numbers of apps on the Google Play Store are increasing in leaps and bounds, with over a million applications right now. For a newcomer in the Google Play Store, it’s easy to get lost in this big crowded area. Every day, millions of users are logging to this application store on their smartphone or tablets to look for featured apps, open the search and type different keywords related to the apps they want to download. So to sell your app, it is important that you have it here and make it easily visible to prospective users.

To market your app in such a vast and competitive store can be tricky and for this, you have to think of Google Play Store Optimization. Techniques used by search engines in application stores are based on similar algorithms; you can make your app easily found by prospective buyers by optimization your application in Google Play Store. Google Play Store Optimization makes them easily searchable and visible in the play store.

Here are some of the optimization techniques used by marketing companies to make your app stand out in the crowd.


Involve SEO techniques early

The process of releasing a search friendly app begins with the involvement of similar SEO techniques at the early stage of development. To get the best possible ranking, look for keywords and phrases that the app store is trying to plug and piggyback off these terms.


Keyword placement strategy

Once you have found the relevant keywords for your Google App, it’s time to make them count. Place the keywords strategically in the starting within the app itself. You can place your keywords in your title, name, summary, developer’s name and tags. However, the most important place to keep your destination is the description part. But, it’s necessary to keep it short and Spam-free.


Choosing the right visuals

Visuals do not affect the ranking algorithms, but they do play a major role in branding and giving them an idea of your application. So, it’s also important to make an attractive logo that stands out as well as represents what your app is. Besides the icon, the mobile app optimization companies also make use of the screen shots that describes the best features of it.


Encourage Feedback

App searchers tend to read through user’s reviews and rating before picking among different applications of a similar nature. So, it is a great way to garner visibility by asking the customers their feedback and ratings for the app.



Choosing the right category will also influence your ranking
for that particular arena. The selection of the right category also helps the
potential users a better sense of what your app does.



Now that you’ve known all the Google Play Store Optimization
techniques, you’re half way there. Find a company that offers all these
optimization techniques and increase the app’s chances of been seen by app
searcher and gaining higher ranking in search results of the Google Play Store and this will translate to numerous downloads.

What To Look Out For When Starting A New Business

business documentStart-ups can make or break any entrepreneur despite their level of knowledge and expertise. Despite having the ambition, dedication, a great team and product, only a few start-ups thrive. The rest disappear into obscurity. A product or service is always secondary to the founders and executive team. Thus, a start-ups success relies on the founding and managing team.

Crucial start-up business red flags to watch out for:

A business was started for the wrong reason

This is common and many entrepreneurs fall into this trap. Many are times when people have the urge to venture into particular businesses because someone they know did it and made it. What we fail to realize is that, another person’s success should not be a reason to venture in the same line of business. Entrepreneurship success is defined by personality, product fit and luck among other factors.

Lack of a reliable source of revenue

A lot of start-ups fail because they lack consistent revenue. To grow a business, you require consistent income to offset consistent expenses that arise such as; equipment purchase, paying staff salaries and paying utility bills. Recurring revenue from your business is the best form of reliable revenue to grow a start-up. If your business is inconsistent, think about how to make it better or the factors to change.

It does not serve a large market

If you are going to tread down the path of entrepreneurship, it had better be for a worthy course. There is no point of starting a niche business and interrupting your great progress down the line to venture into a bigger market. If you believe that your idea has growth potential, go for the large market right from the beginning. Smaller markets may be limiting and lead to failure of a business that could have otherwise thrived in a larger market.

Does not suit your personality and marketing style

Every business thrives in different marketing styles that rely on different personalities for great execution. For example, your start-up may require you to go out, meet prospective customers and deliver proposals. However, you may be poor at pitching or developing proposals. Moreover, you may not be good at discussing business with strangers. Therefore, if you invest in such a business, you will lose interest and lead to failure. If your personal style and mode of doing business needs to find customers one on one, you will have trouble in paradise.

Not fun to work on daily

This happens when you venture into a business that you are not passionate about or do not enjoy doing. If you do not derive joy from doing a business, you will get bored and you will not put up with it for long. If you are able to adjust to accommodate the business start-up then you are lucky. However, to achieve this, you need to find a unique and encouraging source of motivation that will keep you glued to your work.


All a business needs is passion and dedication to thrive. Invest your time, money and emotions wisely to achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

Making Pinterest Work For Your Online Business

pinterestSome people think that Pinterest is a platform only useful for those hawking their crafts, recipes, and planning events. Many people do not realize that Pinterest is a juggernaut that can drastically alter your business’ fortunes. If properly used, Pinterest can draw hordes of customers to your business and exponentially grow your profits.

How? You might ask. What most people don’t know as yet is that Pinterest was feted as the fastest growing network in 2014 with a growth rate of 97%. Presently, Pinterest users exceed 100 million. The average Pinterest user spends around 14 minutes pinning each time they log into the platform. And, the half-life of a Pinterest pin is more than a thousand times longer than the one of a Facebook post. Therefore, for businesses that intend to grow, Pinterest has an ideal demographic that you can reach to. If your business is not using Pinterest, then you are being left out on a valuable marketing opportunity. You should throw Pinterest into your business’ marketing mix to start experiencing wonderful, unprecedented results.

Pinterest is a great marketing tool as it is picture-based and users can easily look at a great deal of content in a go. As the adage says: a picture is worth a thousand words. Besides, Pinterest makes it incredibly easy for its users to locate information and perform online searches.

But you must do it right to generate the desired results. But how do you do it right? The following tips on Pinterest marketing can be handy if you decide to use Pinterest marketing for your business.

One of the most important things you should do as a business owner to get as many customers as possible from Pinterest is to make your products easy to share on Pinterest. In your blog posts and website, include a ‘pin it’ button so that site visitors can share the product photos to Pinterest with only a simple, single click.

Another important thing to do is to come up with boards with themes that may appeal to the target audience. For example, brands can capitalize on Pinterest’s curation environment to create lifestyle boards. Retailers, especially, should capitalize on that to create specially lifestyle themed boards which they’d use to promote their collections and product lines.

However, you should be careful not to make the account and boards just about you and your business. That is because a business Pinterest account shouldn’t, ideally, be comprised of just your brand’s products. You’ll need to create a space which your ideal customer will want to see and follow. That is the only way you’ll have your pins re-pinned and liked by the target audience.

You should add a link to your website and business location as well so that prospective customers can find you both when you are online and when you are offline. Nowadays it is possible to include buyable pins so that customers do not have to go to your website or business location to purchase a product. Buyable pins, as opposed to blue buy button and blue price, enable Pinterest users to buy products directly from the pins. And so that it is easier for buyers to shop, the pins should be rich. They should include the most pertinent information regarding a service or product on the pin itself so that customers don’t need to do any additional research. Rich pins are crucial, especially if you are going to include buyable pins in your Pinterest marketing.

To increase the product appeal, use high-quality photographs that are rich with detail on any particular product. Remember that Pinterest, like its users, is visual. If the photographs are too light, too dark, or too blurry and uninteresting, then Pinterest users may not like or share the pins. According to some studies, brighter, more colorful images tend to get likes and re-pinned more often. Moreover, vertical pictures with a 2:3 and 4:5 aspect ratio tend to generate sixty percent more re-pins than the long, skinny images. While at that, do not forget about the text or copy. Since Pinterest is usually a visual platform, use a simple, descriptive copy that will add value to the image. The copy can be both creative and casual and be designed to reinforce your business brand’s style and personality.

Therefore, it is worth remembering that Pinterest is not just a platform for pictures, and it is not just intended for a particular age group or business type. It is a platform that gives you an opportunity to do so many other things, and has the potential to build your business.

Master The Art of Taking Group Photos


There are thousands of group photos taken every day in different regions in the world, although many photographers are often left disappointed by the results. Group photos are taken everywhere from camps to weddings, schools to sporting events and churches. Although some photo sessions may come abruptly requiring only a short time before you prepare, this is not sufficient reason to take poor quality photos. Taking group or company photos requires the photographer to think ahead of time and prepare how they want their subjects to fit before calling them. No one wants to be kept for a long time so everything needs to be rushed but appropriately placed. Here are great group or company photo ideas that can help you, brought to you by

Avoid the key mistakes

There are many amateur photography mistakes made by both the photographer and the subjects. If you want to take a good group or company photo, you must know these mistakes and find ways to avoid them. They include subjects blinking when you take the shot, reacting in different ways (some smiling, frowning, sad…), subjects looking at different directions (like at different cameramen) and other people not fitting into the shot. Avoid this and your chances of having a perfect group photo are greatly increased.

Think ahead of time

You must think ahead of time as a photographer, especially if you are just taking shots at happy groups in a sports event. Company and wedding photos allow more preparation time as subjects come dressed for the activity. Random group photos however require personal brilliance and the ability to envision your shot before pulling people together. Know where you want everyone to stand, quickly rearrange the subjects, keep them attentive and count down to the shot preventing the listed mistakes.

Choose A location

Location choice is another very important aspect of taking group photos as the location can enhance context and texture. Choose locations that do not have distractions. It should be a perfect position accommodating all your subjects and offering sufficient light for the camera. It should also be neatly organized or clean.

Go for multiple shots

When it comes to photography, or anything else for that matter, nothing is better that the option to make a choice. Taking multiple photos allows you to look at each result and pick the best out of all shots. Some shots go off before everyone is ready, distractions can come up any time, and people often have the last second urge to adjust something spoiling their concentration and best looks. It is only wise to give them a second chance at appearing fabulous.


There are many other elements about group photos you need to consider if you want the best output. Consider lighting, take full control, move in closer, use a tripod, include an assistant and find something funny to make people smile naturally. It is important to identify the centered subjects (like in weddings) and pose the group; MDs for instance can be centered or placed at the far end in a company photo. Make sure your timing is perfect and incorporate your creative genius. After reading all these measures, you have a unique style, brilliance and insights that are very useful when taking photos.

How To Make Social Advertising Work For Your Business


Social advertising generally relies on social networks to reach the target audience and relay the intended message. Businesses are now realizing that social media advertising is becoming more of a necessity than an option with the changing market trends. Many consumers spend a lot of time on social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram and LinkedIn among others. On these platforms, they interact with many marketing campaigns, with each one trying to make a meaningful impact. Every marketing campaign must be well thought out because without a clear strategy, the ultimate goal may not be achieved. It is therefore imperative for entrepreneurs to approach social advertising with a lot of tact if they expect success. Remember that the ultimate goal of advertising is to increase revenue generation and profitability. If that is not realized then the campaign is considered unsuccessful. Here are some social advertising tactics that can help you improve brand awareness and increase sales:

Develop a strategy

A strategy helps you to design a plan of action. It is basically your blueprint for success. It will help you set targets against the goals and objectives that you have identified. Having a strategy is also important because you can then measure your progress against the set timelines.

Create a sense of ownership among the team members

Social advertising can go awfully wrong when ownership among team members is lacking. Employees are also users on some of the social media platforms and may assist in making the marketing campaigns more successful. It’s not uncommon to find company staff on social platforms not doing enough to drive the company’s agenda. In other instances, they may have information that could help the company to have a better campaign but choose to sit on it. Creating that sense of ownership, and having every team member on board is one way of ensuring that great ideas are taken into account. Even without bringing everyone on board, you can still have social media champions at every level of the organization. They can then mobilize the other members of their teams to take the campaigns more seriously.

Social intelligence

It is important to really know what the consumers want and think. This can only be achieved by carrying out proper social intelligence. You need to be aware of what your competitors are up to, the emerging trends, the honest feedback from customers and areas in which your brand is suffering. The information gathered can help you develop a tactful strategy to address the areas of concern. In the age of information, it’s very catastrophic for your business to make assumptions about the true happenings in the market.

Track and analyze data

Tracking of data and the subsequent analysis is quite helpful in determining whether the campaign is progressing as envisioned or if there needs to be a change of strategy. Numbers do not lie and it would be in the best interest of the management to translate aspects of the campaign into actual figures. The results should then be cascaded down to the relevant groups for their information and further action.

Approach every social media platform differently

You cant treat advertising on Facebook the same way you treat advertising on Instagram or Twitter. Even though they are all social networks, they operate differently. There is also the issue of users. Facebook appeals to a wider audience while platforms like SnapChat are mostly used by a select audience. For the purposes of ensuring that you properly reach out to the target audience, every platform should be treated differently.

Professionals will always get the job done. In an effort to cut costs, most organizations choose to use internal teams to create advertisements and roll out marketing campaigns. This is good if they are well trained and have the requisite experience to handle the whole exercise. If that is not the case, you are better off hiring professionals to handle the job. You should never compromise on marketing because the image of your brand greatly depends on it. The whole process should therefore be done professionally by people who know exactly what they are doing.

These social advertising tactics will help you run a successful marketing campaign and improve your brand image. Social media is the new frontier of advertising and every business that is serious about growing its customer base must take advantage of social networks.

How To Capture A Baby’s First Year in Photos

If you’re a newborn photography professional, you need to show that this work is your passion and talent. When you have the passion and talent, you must also understand the expectations of your client. Some know what they want, but most of them, newborn pictures will come as a surprise. There are several styles of newborn photography involved in this case, lifestyle and studio or posed photography. Studio photography is done between the first two weeks after birth. Shots of the baby while in the blankets and when wrapped get more focus. The second photography is a lifestyle where the natural lifestyle and the images of the baby and its home compound are basically targeted. This can also be conducted when the infant is up to six weeks old.

Another point to note when doing newborn photography is that you need to be prepared to avoid unnecessary surprises that raise anxiety. Mothers are waiting for a nice soothing moment. They should get the dose of their hard work. Your client needs to be aware of all the activities you need done during the photo session. When taking pictures of the newborn, you know what to do with the inspiring movements of the baby. You need to understand that babies showcase hidden different features in their movements all that they do is inspiring. When stretching or yawning, display of dimples in the baby’s cheeks and cute eyes, the photo taken at that moment will be really awesome.

Why Should You be Extremely Cautious When Shooting Infants?

Newborn photographers need to be extremely cautious when doing their job. Infants are not like older babies or adults who know how to pose for a photo and therefore need to remain patient until they pose. Newborn photography is unique and is laborious because there is no known perfect moment for the baby. As per to babies, they need more attention because they are not aware of what is happening. Therefore, the photographer needs to control everything, but should also be careful not to make baby angry. Parents may direct a newborn photographer, but all that they want is an interesting and inspiring picture.

What is the Perfect Timing for Shooting a Newborn Photo?

The newborn can be taken photos when in a deep sleep. Doing so help to capture the still moments of the kid because you cannot get rid of it when the baby is awake due movements. Close-up images are significant for the family moments. They are not only adorable in the albums, but they can accompany family books that read frequently or occasionally. Due to the love of mothers to their kids, they can also pose for pictures with them for memories in all the progress of the baby’s life. Other best moments of taking newborn photos include during the perfect time when breastfeeding, napping the baby, and even when together with the dad of the baby.

Any other moment with of a child is a lifetime inspiring. A professional newborn photographer will assist mothers and dads connect the moments with perfect timed infant pictures that will accompany family memories for the rest of the lifetime.